Designed to replace a traditional drainage system.

Never drown another plant.

Overwatering is a leading cause of houseplant death. Use a Plant Snorkel to improve drainage and help prevent root rot.

Keep your plates in the kitchen.

When using a Plant Snorkel in a pot with no drain hole, no drain tray is needed!

Use your current pots.

Use a Plant Snorkel in almost any pot to improve plant health by replacing the function of a bottom drain hole.

Colors that Complement

Available in three colours to suit any style.

Adaptable to fit pots of all shapes and sizes.

A sustainable solution to overwatering.

The Plant Snorkel will be made using a sustainable bioplastic that's sourced from reclaimed and biobased materials to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. This bioplastic is specially formulated for horticultural applications and is designed to pass industry standards for composting.

Who's talking about the Plant Snorkel?

“I would definitely recommend one for any plant parent.”

"I love incorporating plants into interior design, but I find it really hard to find planters that match my aesthetic and have proper drainage. Plant Snorkels are the perfect solution! I would definitely recommend one for any plant parent.”


“...I could practically use anything as a pot!”

"The Plant Snorkel is great, because with it I couldpractically use anything as a pot. I’ve even used it to grow a few carnivorousplants, and they’re healthier than ever!"


“Highly recommend for anyone who loves a truly sustainable product.”

"As someone with an inconsistent schedule, I alwaysfear that I’m overwatering my plants to make up for lost time while I’m away. Ilove that the Plant Snorkel helps solve this problem, while making use ofcompostable materials! Highly recommend for anyone who loves a trulysustainable product!"


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