About Us

Our Story

Our product team was tired of drowning their plants. We knew that there must be a simple, stylish, and sustainable solution to preventing overwatering. What’s more, we wanted a product that could be used to retrofit the pots that we already had!

The Plant Snorkel you see today is the result of more than 18 months of prototyping, product testing, and design refinement. We used computer modelling and 3D printing to help us to shorten the time between design cycles. The patent pending technology behind the design has been carefully optimized to provide just the right amount of drainage, striking a perfect balance between keeping soil moist and preventing root rot.

We truly hope that using the Plant Snorkel to help keep your plants alive brings you as much joy as it does for us! 

Meet the Team

The Plant Snorkel that you see today is a result of collaboration between a team of plant lovers with backgrounds in environmental sustainability, engineering, user-centered design, and health and wellness.