Supporting Our Local Economy

We have done our best to keep production of the Plant Snorkel as local as possible. Both the Plant Snorkel and the packaging it comes in are manufactured locally in Ontario, Canada. This has allowed us to build personal relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers, and help to create jobs in our local economy.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Did you know that the electricity grid in Ontario is one of the cleanest in the world? Ontario is a Canadian leader, with the most installed wind and solar capacity out of any province in Canada. In 2018 more than 95% of the electricity in Ontario was generated from zero-carbon sources! 

By manufacturing the Plant Snorkel and our packaging in Ontario, Canada we are also able to reduce transportation emissions.

Environmentally Responsible Materials

The Plant Snorkel is manufactured from a sustainable bioplastic that helps to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels. Our manufacturing partner is committed to the environment, including implementing a re-grinding program to reduce plastics waste during the manufacturing stage. They are a participant in OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP® which is an industry-led initiative to help prevent microplastics from ending up in the environment, including oceans and waterways.

The Plant Snorkel packaging is made of a recycled cardstock and is printed using non-toxic inks. When you are done with your packaging it can be either recycled or composted.